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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923 and since 2007 has had its own tartan, which all members of the society are entitled to wear - this is the design used in the background to the pages of this site.

At a more local level, the Association of Scottish Country Dance Societies brings together branches in the North-East Midlands for a dance festival in May of each year.
For 2018, the festival will be on Saturday 12th May at Retford Oaks Academy, Retford. DN22 7NJ

The Scotsman' article 7th August 2010
Published Date: 07 August 2010
By Kevin Gilmartin

SCOTTISH country dancing could be key to keeping fit in old age, a leading university has said. Participants in a study who took part in the dancing were found to have better levels of fitness than people who did other exercises. Dr Paul Dougall, an expert in dance and drama at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, led the research. He said: "It's generally assumed that dancing is good exercise but we wanted to measure whether Scottish country dancing has specific health benefits." The study focused on older women and had 70 participants - 35 women aged between 60 and 85 who practised Scottish country dancing and 35 in the same age range who took part in other forms of exercise. The comparison between two groups who were active in different types of exercise suggested that country dancing was particularly effective at keeping people fit. Dr Susan Dewhurst, an exercise physiologist from the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, led assessments of the participants' fitness. She said: "We used state-of-the-art equipment to give very precise measurements of muscle quality and function."

There are many video clips relating to Scottish Country Dancing to be found on YouTube - some interesting, some entertaining and some highly amusing.
In addition, there are some instructional videos, particularly the animations, which are very useful for dancers of all abilities.

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